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We are funding ground-breaking research to advance the science of healing

The damage and disfigurement caused by serious burns, major soft tissue trauma and disease can be life-changing. It can also be costly. In 2015, the NHS saw just under 3m people with wound injuries, many of which resulted in significant scarring and required multiple operations. For patients, this sort of visible scarring can have a profound emotional and psychological impact, it can cause pain and itching, severely limit movement and lead to disability. For the NHS, it means a bill of around £5.3 billion in long-term patient care.

The demand for research is only getting greater. An ageing population and an increase in obesity leading to diabetes means that leg ulcers and diabetic wounds now represent a substantial health and economic burden on the NHS — currently estimated to be around £5 billion. Scarring is a big clinical problem but there is still no effective treatment or cure.

The Blond McIndoe Research Foundation is working to change that. We are committed to advancing research into techniques and technologies that will repair, restore and regenerate tissue and reduce debilitating scarring. We work in partnership with plastic reconstructive surgeons and scientists both nationally and internationally. 

Blond McIndoe was founded in 1961 by close friends and family of the world-renowned surgical pioneer Sir Archibald McIndoe. Having treated and rehabilitated hundreds of injured airmen during the Second World War, and founding what is known to many as The Guinea Pig Club, based at the Queen Victoria Hospital, McIndoe championed the need for research to advance the science of healing.

This pioneering spirit remains a fundamental part of our mission today. We want to:

  • Support cutting edge research into burns and wound healing and soft tissue reconstruction

  • Advance patient care through education and the dissemination of knowledge and learning

Pioneering regenerative medicine techniques and technologies for serious burns, wound healing and soft tissue regeneration

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