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Pump Priming Grant


A limited number of awards of up to £10,000 are available through The Royal College of Surgeons of England to newly appointed consultants, senior lecturers and post-doctoral trainees (appointed since 2016) in surgery who are working at hospitals and universities within the UK. The aim of the awards is to give assistance to such surgeons in the early stages of their independent research careers in the field of burns, wound healing or soft tissue reconstruction. Awards will be made competitively and may be used flexibly to support the award holder’s research programme.

Nature of awards

The awards are up to £10,000 over one year. Awards must be used exclusively to support the award holder’s own research and may not be used for their own personal salaries. They may be used, amongst other things, for small items of equipment, for consumables or for technical assistance. Applicants will be asked to provide an outline of how they will spend the award but may be allowed subsequently to change their plans, subject to approval from the College.

At the end of the year, award holders will be required to write a short report on the use they have made of the award.


All applicants must be members or fellows of The Royal College of Surgeons of England. Applicants must be consultants, senior lecturers or post-doctoral trainees (appointed since 2016) working in surgery in the UK. 


Adjudication is by members of the Research Committee, advised by its panel of external referees. Consideration will be given to the research potential of the applicant/application. Preference will be given to consultants/trainees wishing to explore novel and original lines of research that may not yet be at a stage suitable for support from the major funding bodies. Applications for support of research projects, which are already well funded, will be given a low priority.

Financial arrangements

Once an award has been made, the successful candidate should invoice the Research Department for the sum agreed.

Presentations and publications

The College’s research award should be acknowledged at all presentations and in publications. From time to time the award holder may be asked to make presentations on behalf of the College.


Application should comprise:

  • Application form

  • A supporting letter from your HOD.  This letter should make clear the degree of departmental support which will be made available to  you.

  • A curriculum vitae or two pages or less.

  • A list of your publications.

Please email all of the above to for attention of Linda Slater. 

The information supplied will be circulated to referees and be available to members of the selection committee. It will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998

One-Year Research Fellowship

The deadline for 2021 applications is now closed.

The damage and disfigurement caused by serious burns, major soft tissue trauma and disease can be life-changing.  The Blond McIndoe Research Foundation is committed to advancing research into techniques and technologies that will repair, restore and regenerate tissue and reduce debilitating scarring and its charitable objective is:

  •  To advance patient care by supporting cutting edge research into burns, wound healing and soft tissue reconstruction.


The fellow will remain employed by their host institution, renumerated by the RCS England.  The fellowship will cover salary, on-costs and some running expenses.





  • must be members, affiliates or ad eundem of Royal College of Surgeons of England, or you may have an ad eundem application in progress;

  • must propose a project that is aligned with Blond McIndoe’s charitable objective


Application details:

Submit all documents as an electronic file to, with ‘Application for RCS/Blond McIndoe fellowship’ in the subject line by 1 December 2020