Research Fellowships

Our one-year Research Fellowship is an award to members of The Royal College of Surgeons of England to undertake  clinical research into selected projects in order to extend the frontiers of surgery and develop new operative techniques

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Li Yenn Yong

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In vivo integration of 3D printed capillary networks

Free tissue transfer is used to replace tissues lost through disease, cancer and trauma.  This often involves complex reconstruction with tissue being donated from one part to another, usually resulting in significant donor site morbidity.  Therefore, patients too fragile for major surgery are often denied this treatment option.

The ability to 3D print blood vessels using stem cells opens a new dimension of treatment with tissue and organs being produced in the laboratory and being made to order ‘off the shelf’.  This project aims to produce tissues using this technology and investigate its compatibility with the body.

Lewis Dingle

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Proteomic study of complex wounds

2 million wounds are managed by the NHS every year.  Most wounds heal successfully, however significant numbers do not, such as leg ulcers, causing significant pain and distress.  Treatments can take weeks or even months, with episodes of infection and frequent trips to hospital.  We do not understand why wounds fail to heal.  By studying proteins produced by complex wounds, they hope to identify markers to predict wound healing and develop new treatments.